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Free Workshop: HOME
with Rachel Brathen


In this workshop you will:

 Learn about the 7 pillars of learning which form the educational structure and basis of the HOME course
Dive into an exclusive sneak peek of pre-course content to understand how HOME can empower you on your healing journey
Enjoy a LIVE Q&A with Rachel to fully understand all there is to know about the HOME course


Rachel Brathen

After feeling lost, burnt out, and dealing with big life transitions, Rachel began a journey of slowly peeling back the layers of hurt and loss that she had felt so that she could begin to identify all the different areas that had left her feeling so out of place in different areas of her life.

As she continued to slow down her life and connect with nature in old and new ways, she began to find herself again, put back the pieces of her broken heart and spirit, and return home to the person she always knew she was.

Now, with the 7-week HOME course, Rachel is excited to share her intentionally designed roadmap filled with her favorite sacred rituals and practices that have helped her return home to herself over the years, and she hopes they will help you return back home to yourself, too.

In this free introductory HOME workshop with Rachel Brathen, you'll get a sneak peek into the rituals and practices of the HOME course, as well as special insight into what you'll learn and experience over the course of 7 weeks.